Egg Head – Spark AR

Sometimes some really weird concepts come up and we just roll with it. Egg Head was fun to make, although probably not as fun for the other folks in the office who had to listen to the chicken noise on repeat.

The Eggciting Beginning

This was our first rigged face filter. Getting the joints to correspond to the user's movement was a challenge at first. Once we got the joints aligned and positioned properly, it was just down to adjusting rotation values in the patch editor. The hardest part of Egg Head was getting the strange shape of the egg and chicken head to completely cover the user’s head without looking ginormous.

Cracking Jokes; Getting Views

Egg Head shot to popularity pretty immediately. We released it alongside two other filters that were similar in style and complexity, but Egg Head was clearly the fan favorite. From that, we learned what kind of content the internet responded to most: the weird.

Cracking Jokes; Getting Views