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Hollywood Records Joywave Radio AR

Tuning into Joywave's accessibly absurd brand presence is at the forefront of the AR Obsession Radio experience. Channeling their active social media following, the Obsession Radio sought to disrupt the wavelength of how new music is released and how the fans can interact with the musicians they love.

The Filter Bubble

When we talked with Dan about using AR as part of the release of "Obsession," he wanted it to address the "filter bubble"—the echo chamber of social media content and opinion where so many of us spend our days.

Keeping that goal and Joywave's absurdist aesthetic in mind, the ideation process landed on a single concept: an AR filter of a radio that could be tuned by the user to discover "Obsession" and much more.

The Filter Bubble

First Ever Spark AR Song Release

How Do You Dial a Virtual Radio?

The Audio

Music was key to the experience—not just the single, but also the content on the other radio stations. With only 2MB of space for the entire filter, we had to figure out how to fit 10 minutes of audio at a quality level Joywave fans would expect.

The Release

The Facebook-hosted filter was launched via the band's Twitter and Instagram story in a very low-key, Joywave style, essentially letting fans discover it without knowing why it existed. Soon "Hey that's a cool radio thing" turned into "Oh it's dropping a new single!" and a spike in engagement followed.

10,000 Impressions via Spark AR

1 in 6 Captured the Experience

$0 Spent on Ad Buy

The Audience Experience

But the outcome was always about more than impressions. The band succeeded in using one medium to challenge habits from others, and gave users an experience where they got out what they put into it. Very dialed in.

Will It Be Your New Obsession?

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