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LEGO is one of those brands that only gets better with age. During OSXR's infancy, our sister company Optic Sky Productions was already busy making LEGO animated versions of themselves to start talks with the brand.

Naturally, as infants do, our OSXR brick maniacs set out to one up our colleagues with some interactive fun.

What would I look like as a Minifigure?

Lego yourself

Well we quickly grew tired of asking ourselves that question, so we constructed an experience that would get you and your Minifigure ready for the next LEGO set and film release.  With LEGO Head Builder, followers can use Facebook and Instagram’s camera to create a LEGO Minifigure head that has the same hairstyle, eyes, facial features, and accessories as them! After building their Minifigure look-alike, users can record videos of their model mimicking their head, mouth, and eye movements that bring the Minifigure to life!

The Sandbox

LEGO Brick Builder emerged as a dynamic sandbox-like experience that allows builders to freely construct their own structures with an assortment of LEGO brick colors on an AR grid that can be placed on any surface. Tapping into Spark AR’s plane tracker and UI channels the familiar excitement of seeing an empty LEGO grid just waiting to have a new creation built on top of it.

Let's start building your experience.

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